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drink me: south african goodies

So last night we were going out with a big group, and someone had made a reservation at a South African restaurant. “Ballsy!” I thought, since who knew if everyone would like it. But grapefriend was very excited because I knew what I was in for – some awesome South African wines! When some initial bubbly magically and quickly appeared in everyone’s glasses (bubbly’s called Cap Classique in South Africa, btw), grapefriend was happy to be in charge of ordering the white and red for the table. Here’s what we got – all so good!

Graham Beck Brut

Graham Beck Brut – this is what Obama drank on both Election Night and Inauguration Night. If it’s good enough for the prez…

Man Vintners chenin blanc

MAN Vintners Chenin Blanc (called Steen in SA) – very floral and light and yummy. From Stellenbosch, one of the best winemaking regions in SA.

Six Hats Pinotage

Six Hats Pinotage from the Western Cape. Pinotage is super popular in SA, but can be gamey and funky – which you either like or you don’t. This one was mellower than usual, and everyone loved it!


This is just some side dish called Chakalaka, which I had to order on the name alone. Spicy and yum!


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