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Santa Margherita basically introduced America to Pinot Grigio in 1979. We know how I feel about this varietal in the states. Santa Margherita’s PG isn’t the worst by far (it’s from my fave Italian region, Alto Adige), but even Jay McInerney now cops to embarrassment over drinking it at Elaine’s back in the day in his new book The Juice.santa margherita pinot grigio nail polish

Still, I gotta give props to a brand who expands into something fun! Santa Margherita just launched a Sparkling Rosé, which is made of 50% Chardonnay, 45% Prosecco (that’s a grape, FYI), and Malbec 5%. And since they now have a “palate” (get it?) of different colors, they launched limited-edition nail polishes in Prosecco, Chianti Classico, Sparkling Rosé and of course Pinot Grigio.

santa margherita prosecco nail polishIt was my birthday this week, so I thought it was fitting to do it up in Prosecco. Very sparkly and gold! You can get your own fingers winified like this:

1) “Primp & Pour”:  If you live in Chicago, Denver, New York City or Brooklyn, you can go to a Beauty Bar location tonight and get a free manicure if you buy a Santa Margherita wine.

2) their Facebook page – head on over and try to win one of the 200 limited-edition Santa Margherita nail polish kits.

3) Come over and I’ll do them for you! Grapefriend feels very special that I got one of these kits!

All the deets are here. Which color would you most want?


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