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lovey dovey wedding wines

It’s June, which means wedding season is in full force. At these love fests, most people just serve whatever the caterer or venue offers, or whatever pairs well with their chosen menu. I say why be so boring? Pair your wedding with one of these love-themed wines instead!

just married 

The Just Married wines were inspired by a sweet ritual in the Swanson family. In honor of the wedding of each of Clarke Swanson’s daughters, he made “magical elixirs” for their receptions and dinners. Now everyone can have one of these with either the Just Married red (Merlot) or white (Pinot Grigio with “a splash” of Chardonnay). 

arista two birds pinot noir

arista “two birds” pinot noir

The owners of this Sonoma vineyard, Al and Janis McWilliams, met on a blind date and were married in less than a year. Decades later, they call each other “bird” and look out at the vineyard from their house, enjoying all the hard work they’ve put into their wine. Love this story!

chambolle-musigny les amoureuses

This is an especially good vineyard in Burgundy, which means it’s Pinot Noir. It also means it’s pricy (a few hundred bucks a bottle depending on vintage and producer). But this is a wine to age and that’ll improve for 15-20 years – just like a good marriage should.

As for the Amoureuses name, allegedly this vineyard was a place where young lovers would go to make out. But it’s also been suggested that the name came from the fact that the soil thickens up in the rain and clings to your shoes like young lovers. Take your pick!

hugel fils les amours pinot blanchugel et fils pinot blanc “cuvée les amours”

Years ago, a woman was having  lunch at the Hugel winery and thought the wine should be called Cuvée Les Amoureux (“the lover’s blend”). But as you now know (see above), the name was too similar to Les Amoureuses so they went with “Cuvée Les Amours.”

This is 100% Pinot Blanc, which is so refreshing in summer and therefore perfect for a June wedding. Some citrus, some yellow apple, both crisp and smooth. And only $16.99 – perfect for those who aren’t ready to splurge for the way pricier Burgundian wine that stole its name.

frog prince kuleto cabernetkuleto “frog prince”

Sometimes you have to go through a lot of frogs to find your prince, just like you might have to drink a lot of wines to find your favorite. Maybe Kuleto’s Frog Prince is it. I also love this back label – so fairy tale-ish and fun. Hopefully your spouse (or wedding date, or whoever you meet at the wedding) will ticulate your festles as much as this bold red blend.

iron horse wedding cuveeiron horse wedding cuvée

“Without doubt the most romantic of our sparklings,” says Joy Sterling, CEO of Iron Horse. This is a yummy Blanc de Noirs, mostly made from Pinot Noir, with a great rosé color. “If it weren’t called Wedding Cuvée it would be called Love Potion.”

Sounds like a great way to toast to a newly married couple!


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