pop grape / stars - they're just like wine!

magic mike – he’s just like wine!

magic mike naked wineI was actually going to compare Magic Mike to an unoaked Chardonnay or a filtered “stripped-down” wine for this post, but then this Groupon thing for Naked Wines got emailed to me yesterday and so he we are.

Naked Wines is this new company that supports independent winemakers around the world. They help them produce wine by investing in their operations directly, and then the winemakers offer Naked Wines members (called “Angels”) a discount on their wines. They just started partnerships with US winemakers in Sonoma and Napa.

This Groupon’s a pretty great deal: $59 for 12 bottles of wine ($160 value). If you want to partake, here’s the Groupon and here’s Naked Wines’ website.

I can’t attest to the wines since I haven’t had any of them yet, but if they’re anything like Magic Mike they’ll be full of smooth moves. I’ll let you search for the gif’s on your own.


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