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summer of riesling is back

summer of riesling 2012I’m a week late to Summer of Riesling, which officially kicked off on June 20. I’m a loser. And I’ve done none of the preparation which, according to the offical website, suggests the following this year:

-exchange all your Euros for Reals

-include more umläuts in your wrïtïng

-read the biography of Kraftwerk

-spend a few quiet moments contemplating the Higgs boson particle

-visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

-bow before the Stormborn Daenerys Targaryen

-cancel Time Warner Cable (who still uses it?) and start reading books again

-write a thank you card to Mom for just being Mom (and no, an e-card does not suffice)

-walk in the shoes of another…I mean it, really…

This is why I love the Summer of Riesling. I think you should drink some to celebrate both SoR and wine people who are funny and cool. How about this one:

eroica riesling 2010grape: Riesling (obvs)

producer: Chateau Ste. Michelle

country: USA

region: Washington State (Columbia Valley) – most Riesling comes from Germany, Austria or Alsace but Washington State is pumping out some good ones too now

year: 2010

price: $17

yum factors: Chateau Ste. Michelle partnered with Dr. Loosen (famous German wine dude) to make this line of wines. I went to a tasting of all different Loosen and CSM Rieslings and liked the Eroica best! Some orange blossom, some lime, some white peach – tinge of sweet so well balanced with acidity. Pretty delicate with a tiny frizz on the tongue. Freaking looooove this!

buy it: here


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