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the summer of riesling

I’ve become obsessed with Riesling. I haven’t always been. I used to actually not like it at all and thought it was always sweet (not true).

But last summer, I read an article about this wine bar Terroir proclaiming the Summer of Riesling. They were only going to serve Riesling as their white wine for the whole summer. This was the kind of thinking that was so potentially annoying and then so potentially genius that I had to check it out.

So I started drinking Rieslings. I have to say, it’s been an acquired taste. But now that I’ve acquired it, it’s not going anywhere. I started out with the dry ones (called “trocken” on the label, so if you like them dry just look for this word). But then I was told that the whole brilliance is the balance between the acid and the sugar, and the more I started drinking them the more it was true.

Rieslings are GENIUS. At first it’s a little sweet and you get some peaches and apricots happening. Then it gets raced after by killer acidity, making this gorgeous marriage in your mouth. Tons of winemakers think it’s the ultimate white grape, if not the ultimate grape period. Right now I’m into German Rieslings, which tend to be made in the sweeter style as opposed to ones from Alsace which are traditionally dry. But I’m still getting my individual regions down. I’m also a huge fan of the Eroica Rieslings which are made by Chateau Ste Michelle in Washington state. Definitely try one.

Apparently Summer of Riesling is now a nationwide thing and more than 100 restaurants are planning Riesling events for it. Terroir is having a huge dinner on June 21 with Rieslings only obv. So let’s get drinking and all have a Summer of Riesling. Sort of like the Summer of George on Seinfeld, but with wine.


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