you deserve a grape today

you deserve a grape today, dad!

only the good stuff for my D

I can’t think of anyone better to inaugurate this column than my favorite person in the entire world – my dad!!! I’ve come across a lot of dads in my time, and I know without a doubt that mine is one of the best who ever lived, if not the best period.

He has loved me and my sisters unconditionally and is the most easygoing guy ever in a family with four loud, opinionated girls. He’s taught me a million things, and was the one who kicked off my passion for wine. We even took a wine class together 15 years ago, during which he’d cheat off of my homework every week. He doesn’t know how to pronounce any French wines for his life and I love making fun of him every time he says “Goovree” Chambertin and “Hoot” Brion.

So today, we’re popping open a 2005 Chateau Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape. CdP is my dad’s second favorite wine (after Gevrey-Chambertin). So why are we opening this instead of his favorite? Because I got him this for his birthday last year, so he wanted to open this one for Father’s Day. See what I mean? Best. Dad. Ever.


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