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So this is more of a deep-detail post, but I’m doing it because 1) I’m studying for my Blind Tasting final on Wednesday and if I get a Riesling I need to say it’s from more than just “Germany” or “Alsace” which is what I do now and 2) it IS the summer of Riesling after all. So here’s what I’ve come up with the main places for Riesling and their usual characteristics

Why don’t you play some “99 Luftballoons” while you read up? Yeah, Nena.


Mosel: sweeter (to balance the high acid), mineral, delicate and light

Rheingau: dry, rich body, mineral, concentrated, structured

Nahe (I’ve heard this “officially” pronounced as nee-huh, nay-uh, nah-hah, nah-heh – I’m going with the last one): sweet, rich, spicy, fuller

Pfalz: dry, rich and full, lush fruit, higher alcohol


dry, higher alcohol, aromatic, thick body, coats palate, rounder


dry, medium body, long finish, white pepper (like my beloved Gruner!), mineral, higher alcohol


citrus flavor, oily texture, lean in youth

finger lakes

from dry to sweet, effervescent, light, mellow flavor

washington state

dry to sweet, juicy fruit, crisp, light. (Highly recommend the Eroica’s!)


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