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this is blurry but so was my vision at this point

So I had my Blind Tasting final last night. Six wines to be ID’d in 24 minutes. Along the way, you have to call out things like clarity, legs, nose, palate, acid, alcohol, body, length, geography, style, climate, vintage temperature – among what feels like a million other things – all building your case to why you’re naming the varietal, vintage and appellation.

I did pretty well with the 3 whites, though I’m still annoyed with myself for saying the Riesling was from Mosel and not Pfalz. I just did a post breaking all the regions down this week and even though it wasn’t sweet I said Mosel!!!! Grrr.

My reds still confuse me. Too many red and black fruits that all seem to cross over each other. And when I’m pressed for time I tend to forget which varietal exactly matches the alcohol, tannins or acid I’m tasting.

So if Lady Gaga wants to just dance, what I’ve decided is that I need to just drink. Get to know each varietal just by tasting and tasting and tasting. I’ve done the studying and know my facts and theories, now I just need to feel them out for my own palate in a normal real-life setting.

Because even though I passed the test, the best part about it was hanging out afterwards while our teacher popped open some amazing wines for a few of us (1997 Flowers Hirsch Vineyard Pinot Noir and a Premier Cru Nuits St. George among them). I pretty much wish I always had some Flowers in hand while laughing about Robert Palmer and Louis CK. But even if I don’t (and, uh, I won’t!), I’ll take some regular Pinot as long as I still have the friends to laugh with me too.

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