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kardashians, kaling and kimmel drink $10 wine

clooney white house correspondents estancia wine

georgey's a grapefriend (credit: Reuters)

After all the brouhaha (love that word, mainly because it has haha in it) about wine being served at the White House, I wondered what they served celebs at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. News outlets throw this bash and try to get big celebs at their table. S0, since it isn’t a dinner that the White House throws (they just host it), I didn’t think they’d be secretive about the vino – and I was right!

They served Estancia Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are pretty decent value wines from California. No more detail was given on the wines than that, but Estancia’s entry-level Chard is about $10 and Cab is around $16.

As for the menu (way less interesting, but for pairing sake let’s take a gander):

First: Black lentil terrine with lump crabmeat; tango green and red artisan greens; red and yellow tear drop tomatoes, paired with a dill vinaigrette. 

A Chardonnay wouldn’t be my pairing with this. A Gruner or maybe Sav Blanc would set you right with the crab and vinaigrette.

Entree: Texas-rubbed petite filet with a calvados demi, paired with duo of jump shrimp seasoned with red curry, roasted haricot verts, baby pepper, patty pan squash, tasso mache choux risotto.

Yeah, now we’re talking Cab. And as you can see, Clooney was all about it. That guy’s a grapefriend.

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