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beyoncé is 2x a grapefriend

beyonce wine tumblr

B & wine: maxin and relaxin by the pool (credit: iam.beyonce.com)

Beyoncé is the Most Beautiful person in the world, at least according to People mag, but grapefriend can agree with their choice for two reasons.

First, she lost all her baby weight from going on a diet of egg whites, protein shakes, fruit, and yellowtail tuna sashimi. But she says she cheats on the diet with pepperoni pizza and red wine.

Then when she’s talking about her mom she says, “I know that women are like fine wine and they get better with age.” Cheesy quote, but it does mention wine so you can’t completely dis it.

Maybe all that wine delivered to the hospital when she delivered was just for her.

PS Paula Patton is also in the 100 Most Beautiful People and this was her quote: “For me, life is about drinking wine and having bread and cheese—just not every day!” I’m sure she means not every day only for the bread and cheese part.


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