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mad men wine: it’s over, i was just waiting for them to say it

OK, we’re now fully ensconced in Season 5 of Mad Men. It’s been a very symbolic season, and since wine has been in every episode its use has unsurprisingly followed suit. Let’s take a look at wine’s scenes this week.

First, Jane drags Roger to her friends’ dinner party, where there’s a bottle on the table.

mad men sherry dinner jane roger lsd

mad men hidalgo sherry jane roger lsd dinnerI got very excited, but on closer inspection it looks like it was Hidalgo sherry, which wine.com describes as “Sweet flavors of caramel and crumb create create a seductive contrast… Relatively light for a cream-style Sherry, this will match with pecan pie.”

Sherry actually makes more sense since they were on cake, but you can imagine my disappointment.

But then when Jane and Roger get home, she has a glass of white on the shelf next to the tub. Love her!

mad men jane roger bathtub wine

(Here’s where I’ll say BIG SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched yet.)

So obviously Jane is a huge grapefriend – as you’ll recall, she’s the only one who drank wine at Don’s party in the first ep and the only one this episode. But now they’re getting rid of her! Roger, aka, Vodka King, clearly can’t mix with wine. I will miss Jane and the younger-gen grapefriends she could’ve brought into Roger’s life.

What am I gonna do now, get on Megan’s team? Ugh. Betty, save me!

Mad Men season 5 wine count: 8

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