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mad men wine tally

There are only two things I like about Megan:

1) her insane wardrobe

2) she was the only person who drank wine last night

mad men don draper megan wine heinz dinner

at the Heinz dinner, Megan was not only the only one drinking wine but the only one drinking at all

mad men don draper megan wine heinz dinner

you can see the white wine better here

Megan did have some perspicacity in this episode about Betty just wanting to find a reason to keep calling Don, but in general I find the old guy/new young wife storylines with both Don and Roger kind of yawny. However, Megan and Jane are the only two characters who’ve had wine so far this season (here’s why the wine count’s low) – Jane in last week’s episode at the party:

love how the younger gen is the grapefriendy gen. go jane.

Betty better ditch the Bugles & sundaes and catch up stat.

Mad Men season 5 wine count: 2


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