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shahs of champagne

I don’t watch this Shahs of Sunset show on the regular, but I recently caught a repeat of the one where Reza throws a Champagne party. So for that alone, grapefriend is a fan.

I like Reza’s style. First of all, he drinks cocktails and serves people champagne in his office.

Second, he decides to throw a Champagne party just because. So he goes to the wine store and buys out all of their Cristal. That, along with his other bubbly purchases, made the bill for his party over $8,000.

pouring some dom to sample

uh, yeah, the dom's good

Third, at the party he has his friends try to blind guess each Champagne: Cristal ($189), Dom ($139), Veuve ($45), Moët ($35) and André ($4.99). The first girl GG only guessed the André, and they totally make fun of her.

setting up the champers

GG trying to detect the good from the horrible

btw, reza, it's cristal with an i not a y

I totally want to have one of these parties now. Aside from all this bubbly love, there were even two other grape scenes:

mike's mom has some red

and GG has some white when trying to reconcile with Reza

Those were nameless wines, but I need to give props to a Bravo show that at least got Champagne brands in there. May have been product placement, but it makes grapefriend’s day much more fun!

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