drink me

drink me: eins zwei dry “3” riesling

grape: Riesling (good for Easter ham, stay tuned for more reco’s this week)

producer: Josef Leitz

country: Germany

region: Rheingau

year: 2010

price: $16

yum factors: I’ve been having so many sweet Rieslings lately that this was really refreshing. The importer’s website went on and on about how it’s so dry, but for me there was a touch of sweetness that was a great balance. The importer also described it like this: “The usual quetsch and red currant appear, but with an obdurate length and a surmise of nettles and cress.” Wine writers kill me. It’s like another whole language of weird shit you’ve never tasted. Quetsch??? It’s apparently a plum, which I didn’t taste in this wine.

try it: at Ardesia

buy it: here. Then return to eating your quetsch and nettles.


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