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easter eggs hatch wine!

they even painted it all eastery

At this point, any Easter bunny who knows me knows that I’d prefer wine over jellybeans in my basket. This is now sort of happening.

People have started using these concrete, egg-shaped tanks for fermentation and aging wine. They’re supposed to be better for winemaking: while the wine is fermenting, the juice naturally moves up the sides of the tank and down the center and there aren’t any corners where juice, skins or seeds get stuck so all of the juice ferments. Also, the eggs are made of two layers of concrete (one more breathable than the other) which let oxidation happen like in an oak barrel but without adding any oak flavor. It’s all supposed to make the aroma and taste really expressive and clean.

Domaine Carneros painted their egg tank in Eastery pastels and designs, and they use it to make their delicious Pinot Clair. It’s a white wine but made from Pinot Noir grapes – they just don’t leave it on its red skins so the juice (and ensuing wine) is white. Cool, right?

"white pinot noir" - love it

OK, so what’s the wine like? Awesome! Tastes like really ripe red apples and pear – reminded me more of a Pinot Gris than Pinot Noir. Very full-bodied and creamy, but balanced by a nice touch of acid. Kind of crazy how it tastes so different from a red Pinot Noir since it’s the same grape, but I loved it! It’s $48 which you might think this is hefty for a white, but I definitely recommend checking it out.

They didn’t make a ton of it, so buy it while you can here.

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