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the hamptons go green!

Biological-Diversity bedell cellars sustainableHappy Earth Day! God, my crunchy college would be so proud of me. And so would my Long Island hometown with today’s post.

Did you know that Long Island has two wine AVA’s? The Hamptons are one, and the North Fork is the other. And the big news today is: the first sustainable vineyard certification program in the Eastern U.S. has been launched on Long Island! I know – you never thought you’d see this day. It’s like if TV producers got together to all swear no one could ever produce another episode of Jersey Shore again.

Long Island Sustainable Winegrowing is a not-for-profit organization that’ll educate and certify Long Island vineyards. Oregon and California already have similar programs, but Long Island needs one too because of its proximity creeks and bays that they need to conserve.

A core group of Long Island wineries helped make this happen: Bedell Cellars, Channing Daughters Winery, Martha Clara Vineyards, and Shinn Estate Vineyards. Bedell helped establish sustainability guidelines in the 80s and 90s and their winemaker Rich Olsen-Harbich said, “New Yorkers should take pride knowing that the most sustainable and lowest carbon footprint wines are made right here in their own backyard, on the East End of Long Island.” Cue the tear in my grapey East Coast eye. Proud.

Hope everyone liked Green Week! Maybe it wasn’t the sexiest (aside from that Sanchez pic) but it’s as important as knowing the difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinto Gris. Tomorrow we’ll fully be back to pop culture posts and everyone’s new fave – the Mad Men Wine Tally!


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