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fashion week wine pairing

Oooooooooh I just love this recurring post. I happily do not have to go to the shows anymore (though I do miss the Champers at the parties and some presentations), but I love looking through all the photos. So inspirational.

So without much more intro, here are my favorite looks from the fall collections and – of course – what wine would go best with them!

1, 2, 3 & 4 oscar de la renta

Warning you up front that this was my favorite show by MILES. It was one of those shows that with every successive picture I kept gasping. So incredible! The swirls of skirts, the gorgeous purple shades, the absurdly chic hair.

If someone showed me the photo of the girl with the black and white dress with the black and white coat and said “Do you want to be her?” I’d say “YES.” And then we’d fly to Paris immediately to drink Viognier at a café for a very long time.

Viognier has a very beautiful, perfumey bouquet. Some say you can fall in love with someone while drinking it just because of the floral scent. It’s just delicious! If the dark lavender dress below had a scent, it would be the bouquet of Viognier.

i could also drink viognier in this

and then go to a ball or something

5 victoria beckham

I know this might seem overly simple to some people, but that’s just what I love about it. It’s just perfectly trim and tailored, with classic primary colors. There’s some angularity to it but it’s still feminine. I’d pair it with a very classic Cab-Merlot blend.

6 marchesa

I usually loathe Marchesa. Hate all those bows and the baroqueness of it all, but there’s something very intriguing about the design of this dress. Would definitely match this with Sangiovese – a red I normally don’t like, but every once in a while when the gritty tannin is toned down I can find it rather enjoyable.

7 marc jacobs

I LIVE for the enormity of this scarf and pin. Dwarfs everything in a mysterious way, and the eye-obscuring hat just adds to the enigma. You’d have to go Zin with this, since it’s dark and deep and comes in so many styles that you’re never sure what you’ll be getting.

8 j crew

This is preppy, which I adore, but much cooler than preppy. J Crew’s just doing such a great job with their styling at these presentations. I don’t have a good styling bone in my body. I feel like I want to go Riesling for this one, because this too can come in so many different styles – sweet, dry, off-dry. I dig the off-dry ones but lots of the ones from Finger Lakes that I’ve been having lately tend to the dry side.

9 thakoon

Hail to the guy who can send a coral and fuschia dress down the runway amidst all the burgundies, blacks and midnight blues. Brings a spritz of spring into a fall world. So of course you have to go rosé, but a heavier one made from Grenache. Yumminess.

What were your favorite looks?


One thought on “fashion week wine pairing

  1. Virginia Viognier seems to have more character than California-grown Viognier, where it eppaars to be grown with less distinction or pride. I’ve tasted a range of quality VA Viogniers, however, so it seems that growing Viognier may be tricky. I’m not sure the marketing designation is on firm ground, but I trust the Wine Board knows better than me.Meanwhile, I’ve noticed lots of very good Cabernet Franc in Virginia, and I’m not fond of red wines. Can I nominate Cab Franc be designated the signature red? Disclosure: I grow neither Viognier nor Cab Franc.

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