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wine hook ups

I dated this guy once. He was easygoing, a bad speller, ADD and very hot. Very opposite of me, but it worked. In wine terms, we were a good blend.

There are always those couples who are totally opposite and you don’t get why they’re dating, but somehow they’re just awesome together. Not only do they not want to throttle each other for being different, they actually complement each other’s flaws. This is true for grapes, too.

Take Bordeaux, one of my all time favorite wines. It’s typically a blend of five grapes. As far as the two main ones go, Cabernet Sauvignon’s all backbone, strength and grit while Merlot’s all velvety, luscious and plummy. Mix their opposite characteristics together and it’s a perfect liquid match.

So go hook up with one of these amazing blended marriages—a Bordeaux, a Rioja, a Chateaneuf du Pape from the Rhone. And when someone asks if you want more, just say, “I do.”


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