pop grape

the palace palate

US Weekly is totally giving the Wine Spectator a run for their subscription base. They pulled out all investigative stops to unearth the fact that Kate and William drank 2009 Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc with dinner the night before their wedding.

The royal couple gets points for choosing a decent and really affordable wine (it’s from Chile and goes for about $10). They also get points for pairing it well with the salmon blinis that started the meal. They do not get points, however, for continuing to drink it with the Chateaubriand steak. GROSS! Very rarely do people ever choose to drink white wine with steak, but if that’s your bag it should at least be full bodied and not too acidic. Sav Blanc with steak is just a palate faux pas.

But maybe they had other things to think about. Maybe it’s just a family fave. Maybe it somehow even contributed to the making of the pic of Pippa dancing in her bra. #RoyalMysteries

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