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november values & splurges

We actually have all Values this month, because even though one of the recommendations is over $40 it’s such a great red that it’s really a steal. 

Villa Wolf Sekt: Absolutely delightful light-strawberry Pinot Noir sekt from the Pfalz region in Germany. (Sekt is what they call sparkling wine in Germany and Austria). $17

Erbaluce: Had this super cool white from Piedmont at Peasant the other night. It was herbal and floral with refreshing light acidity. It would be great with light summer food, but was equally fantastic in late October sitting outside under heat lamps! A bit tough to find but mostly under $20. 

Le Ragose Valpolicella Ripasso: Light black plum and blackberry with good violet florals. This makes good red drinkable for a “weekday” sort of price, though we had it with Sunday dinner and it felt worthy. $22

Santi Santico Amarone: I love Amarone for its rich and complex textures and deep fruit, but this one is actually quite silky and bright. And for only $43, this is for sure a steal since most good Amarone are much more than that. 

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