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succession’s wine glass offenders


I hope you’re watching Succession! Roman’s constant barbs are as delicious as wine. One thing I notice a lot is that no matter how rich people might be (and ok, granted they’re actors but even on reality shows) they don’t ever seem to hold wine glasses properly by the stem. The Roy family are all major offenders of holding glasses by the bowl, as witnessed by the photo above. Let’s take this character by character. 

Connor’s a fan of hyper-decanting. Too bad he isn’t a fan of holding by the stem. 
You know Tom isn’t gonna hold his glass correctly.
Shiv’s almost at the stem – but not quite.
Shockingly, cousin Greg is holding by the stem. But it’s really more of an uncouth grab, isn’t it?
I would think Marcia would know better, but she’s a bowl-holder too. Which leads us to the one and only highest snob of the clan, Kendall, holding correctly by the stem. Quite fitting. 

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