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fish friendly whites

Summer nights are perfect for a quick-grilled white fish with just a spritz of fresh lemon, Italian parsley and capers. These crisp, light Italian whites are perfect pairings. 

Gavi: Digging the acacia and lemon spritz notes in Riva Leone Gavi ($14.99) and a fleshier apple Michele Chiarlo Rovereto ($16.99). 

Falanghina: This is more of a deep yellow wine, with a hint of herbs and a denser body which is great with fleshier white fish. Try the Feudi di San Gregorio or the Villa Matilde (both $22).

Gargenega: This grape is really light (it’s the grape in Soave wine), but the 25% Sauvignon Blanc in Serego Alighieri Possessioni Bianco ($21) gives it a perfect touch of tang.

Grillo: Uriel is the God of Light, and fittingly the white wildflower and white peach notes in Poggio Anima Uriel ($15.99) make this Grillo great for aperitivo and light fish.

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