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taylor vs ariana: the great grapefriend debate

People may be debating who’ll take home more Moon Men awards on August 20: Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande, who got the most nominations with 10 each. But at grapefriend, we debate who’s the bigger grapefriend. 

Ariana: She recently bumped into Piers Morgan at an LA restaurant and bought him a glass of “very expensive Californian red.” Unclear if that’s what she just ordered for him or that’s what he requested. She’s also said she’s about 60% Champagne, “pink Veuve Clicquot” to be exact.

Taylor: Often posts herself drinking white wine on social, like this recent one above. Normally I’d hope it was like a killer Meursaultor something, but not out of that PLASTIC GLASS for lord’s sake. Maybe it was just a nice little quaffy Pinot Blanc like this one? Still would opt for a glass but you gotta work with what you got in a trailer.

Frankly I like Billie Eilish more than both, but she only got 9 noms and is underage anyway. As for Taylor and Ariana, not bad choices but they could probably both do with subscribing to this newsletter…

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