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super bowl syrah

I like to compare quarterbacks to Syrah – they’re brawny and have so many different styles. This year’s Super Bowl gives us old school vet Tom Brady vs first-time newbie Jared Goff.

  • If you’re rooting for Goff and the Rams: go with a fruitier, spicier new world Syrah from Australia (where it’s called Shiraz). Try Patchworkwhich has ripe blackberry and warm cinnamon notes. And honestly I can’t think of a more aptly named Syrah for a great young QB than Boom Boom – a juicy blackberry, cola, and vanilla style from Columbia Valley, Washington. 
  • If you’re rooting for Brady and the Pats: go old world from the Rhône. These Syrahs are generally earthier and more complex, like the Saint Cosme Cote du Rhône with its sandalwood, mellow blackberry, and a hint of dark chocolate. 

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