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pinot to the pilgrims

With a smorgasboard of dishes and flavors, there’s almost no wrong wine to serve at Thanksgiving. But of course you want to choose a red and a white that can please the whole table. For bread stuffing, veggies and sweet potatoes, I usually go with a crisp, apple-pear scented Pinot Gris. And for the dark meats, a lighter-bodied earthy Pinot Noir is always a safe and delicious bet.

My only rule: drink American! Luckily, Oregon’s Willamette Valley makes great wines from both varietals. Try these:

Pinot Gris

  • Ponzi: A lusher style filled with ripe yellow apples, piquant ginger and cinnamon from a classic Willamette producer. $16.99 BUY HERE
  • WillaKenzie: Full of yellow apple notes but with a mineral backbone, this is also amazing as a counterpoint to savory vegetables. $20.99 BUY HERE
  • R. Stuart & Co Wade: Super crisp and light with hints of fresh apple. True story: I once had this at breakfast and it was awesome. $35 BUY HERE
Pinot Noir
  • Cristom Mt. Jefferson Cuvée, Wonderfully balanced cherry, cola, and tea notes. $33.99 BUY HERE
  • Adelsheim Elizabeth’s Reserve: Just fantastic silky cherry notes, made from their best grapes. $56.99 BUY HERE
  • Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve: Splurge for this blackberry, cocoa, ethereally textured Pinot. $74.99 BUY HERE

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