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make your extra hour happy hour!

I’m all for an extra hour, especially if it’s Happy Hour! Pour out some great Cab Franc and serve it with ashy-rine cheese – my new favorite combo. Cab Francs from Chinon in France’s Loire Valley tend to be excellent. Here are three I liked when I was there in September:

  • The Nicolas Bourgeuil Concerto pictured above was full of soft tannins and funky, sweet blackberry.
  • Bernard Baudry’s La Croix Boissée is amazing – powerful blackberry. Les Clos Guillot – pretty and perfumed boysenberry with some mild funkiness. One my favorite Cab Franc producers in the Loire.
  • Raffault’s Clos d’Isoré is packed with ripe, lush blackberry with just enough earth.


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