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what wine to drink with your house of cards bingefest

Claire is quite the grapefriend, so you’ll be in good company when you binge the series’ last episodes which all launched today on Netflix. Pop open one of the wines that they’ve drunk on the show:

  • In Season 1, Zoe Barnes drinks Lapostolle, a great biodynamic winery in Chile. I love their Carménère, and the Cuvée Alexandre Syrah is plummy and intense (though not recommended to drink on subway platforms). $20.99
  • Claire poured out a glass of creamy, tropical-fruity Chalk Hill Chardonnay for her and a guest who came to dinner. They poured it to the rim. $38.99
  • At a party Francis and Claire threw, one guest wielded a bottle of Chimney Rock Cabernet, which is as powerful and complex as Claire. (Fun fact: the winemaker told me she’s friends with one of the show’s producers). $84.99

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