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drink like a romanoff

Planning to binge The Romanoffs? Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner’s new show premiered on Amazon this month. Starring multiple MM alums, it’s 8 episodes about people who all think they’re descendants of Russian royalty.

As for what to drink, most of the land in Russia isn’t suitable for grape growing but they actually do grow over 100 different varieties of grapes. Over 45% of it is the Rkatsiteli grape, which is also grown in the Finger Lakes region. And I love it!

  • Definitely try this Dr. Konstantin Frank one, full of zesty lime and peach. $18.99 BUY HERE
  • Also had this Orgo one from Georgia the other day which was super interesting, made in amphorae underground and amber in color with very little acid. $19.99 BUY HERE

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