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it’s merlot month!

Getting super into Merlot again. Now that it’s come back from its Sideways bashing (Myles was all about the Pinot, but does actually drink a Merlot-heavy Cheval Blanc in the fast food place towards the end), people are rediscovering the velvety, plummy grape. A bunch of wineries even declared October Merlot Month because it’s nice and warmy to drink in the fall. Try these:

  • Decoy is a fantastic entry-level Merlot, with incredible velvety texture and black plum fruit. $20.99 BUY HERE
  • For something fancier, their higher-end Duckhorn Three Palms evolves all of the plum and black cherry fruits into even more velvety goodness. $89.99 BUY HERE
  • Explore Walla Walla in Washington state with L’Ecole 41’s earthy blackberry Merlot. $32 BUY HERE
  • Try a more structured style with La Jota’s from Howell Mountain. $88.99 BUY HERE

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