stars - they're just like wine!

karlie kloss – she’s just like wine!

Seeing as August is (self-declared) Pinot Blanc Month, grapefriend can’t let it go by without establishing PB’s celebrity match. After spending a bit too much time on the question, I landed on the perfect person: Karlie Kloss! Why is she the perfect match, you might ask? A trip through her Instagram answers that question handily.

1 She’s fun to hang around with in summer (see: watersliding in T Swift’s backyard on the 4th of July). And on a hyper muggy day, your best August grapefriend is a Pinot Blanc.


2 The hint of white florals make it pretty enough, but it’s mostly about the body, which is light and wispy.


3 She’s not an overly serious model who doesn’t eat – she likes to have fun. So she and PB are both refreshing. 


4 She’ll never drink red again after spilling it on her Met Gala dress, which she proceeded to cut into a mini dress to get the stained part off.

 5 This is how drinking Pinot Blanc makes us feel too.

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