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i want my pinot b!

Remember the old “I want my MTV!” commercials? We can just tweak that to “I want my Pinot B!” for Pinot Blanc Month. It’s very handy. Speaking of hands, you should have these bottles in yours since you’re likely in dire need of refreshment in this muggy month. So, here are the 5 best Pinot Blancs (and Biancos) I’ve had this month:

J. Hoffstater 2014

FullSizeRender_1Probably my favorite of the favorites, this one had a spritz of lemon mixed into fleshy yellow apple. The acid was decent for a Pinot Blanc, and it was just super clean and refreshing. Exactly what you want for an apertif! (PS “Weissburgunder” is the German name for Pinot Blanc -/Bianco. So many nicknames with this one…)  $23

Francois Baur 2013

This one also had a good fleshy texture yet had the acid you’d find in a crisp apple. Tastewise, I got some yellow apple skin with hints of yellow pear and honeysuckle. $18

Terlan 2015

The Terlan had the fleshiest body of the bunch, plus more yellow florals and very ripe lemon. This bottle is 2015 and young, which is how most Pinot Bianco’s are drunk, but I visited this winery in Alto Adige and we did a great vertical tasting of a few of their Pinot Biancos through the years to see that it actually can age. $22

Tramin Moriz 2014

All white florals with a hint of lemon. Superb aperitif. Perfect light refreshingness. $20

Kettmeir 2014

More fleshy lemon and some white melon. Love that quality in the Pinot Bianco’s – super smooth goin’ down! $22


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