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pinot blanc month: declared!

pinot blancIt’s August. It’s steamy. And you likely have major rosé fatigue. Have no fear, Pinot Blanc is here!
Pinot Blanc is my go-to August wine. You need something refreshing, but on one of those hyper-humid 95-degree dog days you can barely muster the energy to lift your glass. There are plenty of refreshing wines out there but when it’s this hot you need to go for the gold: enter Pinot Blanc, an ultra light white wine with juuuust enough fruit and acid to keep you coming back for more.
Here’s what you need to know about it:
1) It’s a mutation of the Pinot grape, which also spawns the Noir and Gris/Grigio varities
2) At best tastes like lemon and honeydew, at worst it’s inoffensive (sound familiar – cough cough – rosé…)
3) It comes from the A-Team: Meaning, my faves are made in Alsace (France), Alto Adige (Italy, where it’s called Pinot Bianco), and Austria (where it’s called Weissburgunder).
4) They’re cheap. Like mostly under 20 bucks. Can’t really go wrong.
Best bottles coming up next! Cheers to August. And cheers to Pinot Blanc Month.

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