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it’s thanksgiving: drink whatever the [bleep] you want

Everyone’s been doing posts about what to drink on Thanksgiving. But here’s the truth:

You can just drink whatever the eff you want. 

So if you were feeling like this about picking Thanksgiving wine:


you should now just feel like this:


Thanksgiving is a mishmash of a million foods – how could you possibly pair one wine with all that? We usually pop bubbles for apps, then open both red and white for dinner and people can have whatever they want. Being an American holiday, I’m partial to choosing American wines. But honestly, do whatever floats your gravy boat.

I never know what I’m exactly popping til I get down into the wine cellar, but this year I’m thinking American bubbles to start (I love Domaine Carneros and Iron Horse, but there are tons of others), and then a Sonoma Chardonnay for dinner. Big, full Chards aren’t my favorite style, but I think they go great with rich stuffing and sweet potatoes. Pinot Gris also rocks with TG din, and here are a bunch of good ones.

As for red, I tend to go lighter: Gamay and Pinot Noir. But we also do an Italian stuffing that’s meat-based, so I could easily rock a Cab-Merlot blend with that.

Dessert: I’m thinking tawny port. Taylor’s 40 year is the jam but also damn expensive – 20 year will do you just fine too.

Here are my past suggestions, but if you need help grapefriend is here for you! Ask any q’s in the Comments below or tweet me @grapefriend. But I’ll basically tell you whatever you’re thinking will work, unless you’re being a turkey and thinking Pinot Grigio.


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