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mick rock-s a wine pairing

The-Flaming-Lips-mick rock

Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips getting snapped by Mick (courtesy: Ovation TV)

Mick Rock is a British photographer who’s shot everyone from the Beatles to Blondie, and is still clicking away. In this new show On The Record With Mick Rock, Mick heads to the hometowns of musicians like Kings of Leon and The Flaming Lips to see what’s inspired them.

Well aside from awesome music, we all know what inspires grapefriend: wine! So here’s what I’d pair with each of the musicians Mick hangs out with.

inman endless crushjosh groban

In the first episode, Josh gives Mick a tour of his spots in LA – the high school where his teacher spurred him on, a Shakespeare program he supports, and a place where he performs of one of his songs. It all sounds very heartfelt.

wine pairing: Since it’s August, we’re in full on rosé mode. Endless Crush by Inman is one of my favorites. It’s all Pinot Noir and is named after the winemaker’s relationship with her husband.

Macchia-dei-Goti-e1380811388940kings of leon

Personal favorite band, just gritty and cool. And, I just stayed at the Sunset Marquis in LA where I heard they recorded one of their albums. In their episode, they talk to Mick about how they escaped their Pentecostal roots and veered to music in Nashville.

wine pairing: Gritty and cool? Aglianico all the way. It comes from lava soil, giving it tons of black earthiness and gripping tannins.

7-txakoli_400the flaming lips

totally out there but with a solid core of emotion. Mick hits Oklahoma City and checks out lead singer Wayne Coyne’s art gallery as well as a perf of Do You Realize?

wine pairing: The wacky but grounded Txakoli (pronounced “chock-o-LEE”), a Spanish wine mostly made from the Hondarribi Zuri grape. It’s from the Basque region in Spain where they chow down on tons of fresh seafood – the perfect pairing for this mildly fizzy, crisp, and almost salty white wine.

0003637_2012-stone-dragon-syrah_600patti labelle

Didn’t know Patti LaBelle was from Philly, but that’s where she gives Mick a tour of the house she grew up in, the theater where she got her big start, and her fave soul food restaurant.

wine pairing: Soulful biodynamic wine. Biodynamic vineyards don’t use any chemicals and create a single farm ecosystem treated with elaborate practices and attention to the moon cycles. Huge debate on whether this all works, but the wines I’ve had are often way more flavorful and the winemakers who produce them are intensely passionate. Try any from Benziger, Robert Sinskey or Nicolas Joly.

Which will you drink while watching the first episode of Mick Rock (8pm tonight on Ovation)? Tweet me @grapefriend with a pic!


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