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mad men wine count: i’d like to buy the world a wine

Well, it’s over. But I was thrilled to get one last grapey scene in the Mad Men finale!

Who ever even knew Ken was such a grapefriend? After salivating over that ’53 Margaux a few weeks ago, he’s already drinking wine at dinner with Joan.

IMG_0472And then she even gets on the grape train, asking “Can I taste the wine first?” before they get back to business. Loved!

IMG_0471Mad Men season 7 wine count: 21. Season 5’s total glasses was 22, and Season 6 had 23, so clearly I’m a tad disappointed. But, it’s been a pretty accurate representation of how wine drinking in the US increased slowly during the 60s and 70s as Napa was just beginning to boom, so overall I’m very satisfied and it’s been super fun to chart.

Adieu, Don. I hope you pop more corks than Cokes in your future.


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