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mad men wine count: ken’s rise and fall as king grapefriend

Ken Cosgrove has never been a key player on Mad Men. I mean I loved the “It’s my job” speech, but until this episode I’ve never felt riled up about him. But then, he popped a Chateau Margaux at dinner. 

ken cosgrove wineSuddenly, we have a new official grapefriend! Chateau Margaux is a grand cru from Bordeaux, and one of the best wines I’ve ever had. Sublime!! As for the vintage, I checked it out on Cellar Tracker: “The 1953 Margaux proved why it is considered to be one of the greatest Margaux of all-time. It would only prove second to the 1900, which still means about as good as it gets. The nose had gorgeous spice and a creamy feel. There was classic, pure fruit here, and a delightfully nutty glaze.” 

After that dinner, Roger and Pete try woo Ken to give them the Dow account. So like any smart account people, they pop another ’53!

grosssnortpersonBut then Ken crashed and burned – despite getting some of the worlds greatest grapes, he declines to give them the biz and walks out. Without finishing the bottle!!!

You only have one eye, and you don’t even deserve one mouth! Bye, Ken. 

Mad Men season 6 wine count: 19. And who knows what we’ll get on the finale tonight!


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