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scandal wine recap: here comes the wine

Sorry for the delay, grapefriends! We’ve been recovering from the Scandal finale while simultaneously prepping for the Mad Men finale. It’s a lot! Anyway, let’s get to my and Abby’s recap, shall we?

Another season of Scandal has come to an end and let’s just say it was not my favorite, but at least the finale was super grapey!! Also, Liv and Fitz. I can’t help it. I’m ride or die for those two.

wine moment #1

FullSizeRender-31Mellie’s Senate campaign is looking good and Fitz gives a rousing toast to his “best friend.” One of the things I liked most about this season was the evolution of their partnership (well, until the end of this episode). Plus, Mellie’s drinking white wine which is my signature. Hooray!

grapefriend wine recommendation: Ah yes, things were going so well in Mellie Land at this point! And she was even being such a grapefriend about it. She’d have to have a robust white to celebrate a big, bold moment. I’d go with a Pinot Gris, big, round, and packed with ripe pear and yellow apple. 

wine moment #2

IMG_0434 IMG_0435Liv’s trying still trying to take down her dad. Papa Pope is still murdering lots of innocent and not-so-innocent people. The more things, change the more things stay the same. That goes for threatening phone calls over excellent reds, too.

grapefriend wine recommendation: So menacing! With all that phone time vitriol, they need something with a lot of acid. Barbera d’Alba is your grape here – full of acid which is why it’s a great pairing for Italian food with all its acid-packed tomato sauce.

wine moment #3

IMG_0436Senator Mellie Grant is in the house and she’s ready to toast with some bubbly and her two main men, Fitz and Cyrus. Unfortunately for her, Lizzie Bear let the cat out of the bag about her hand in the murders of those 16 grand jurors on the B613 case and he is NOT pleased. He boots Mellie out of the White House and fires Cyrus for being in on it all. I hope he at least took the rest of the bottle with him on the way out.

grapefriend wine recommendation: This was way harsh. Instead of an elegant Champagne, I think a Cava with its big bad bubbles would be much more fitting for this slam down.

wine moment #4

IMG_0437In a classic rom-com move, Fitz went to find Liv at her apartment but she was already waiting (with wine, natch) on his balcony (and former site of the famous Mellie fried chicken scene). He gently sets it down on the table so they do whatever they want, aka make out! This pleases me greatly while simultaneously infuriating Team Jake. Knowing these two, the happy won’t last too long.

grapefriend wine recommendation: Here Comes the Sun is playing while Liv holds her goblet o’ red in front of Fitz, and everything seems to be in its right place. Many a tweeter noted with doubt slash awe that Liv would bring her own glasses to the White House. DUH, PEOPLE!!! This is her happy moment, she’s not gonna subject herself to pouring out the du Bellay in some ratchet glassware. As for my recommendation, the fake du Bellay is the only way to go. 


Until next season, Grapefriends!


One thought on “scandal wine recap: here comes the wine

  1. Truly some profound wine moments. When the white wine was in the glass!? OMG. I mean, wow, I almost lost it. Then the goblet of red wine, it’s like c’mon that was obviously just water with red dye. I smell a scandal right there. Am I right or what?

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