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how to throw the best mad men party ever

Mad-Men-2-office-partyIt’s the end of an era. And the most fitting way to send off Mad Men and its 60s-70s time period is with a fab cocktail party. Grapefriend always does a wine count for each episode, but a finale party should honor the most-loved alcohol on the show: whiskey (which I also love). I’ve scoured through whiskies and all of their associated fun to bring you the best of the brown! Grab your friends (or your live-tweeters) and raise a glass to Don.


S0956-2First and most importantly, let’s get your bar stocked with good whiskies! Don always has some Canadian Club on his bar cart, but I think we can do better. And we have so many choices!
scotch: Oban, always feels so elegant and masculine ($80). More affordable option: Johnnie Walker red ($38).
japanese: Obsessed with these. They’re excellent, a little more delicate, and have started winning some major awards (whiskey of the year). The Nikka Taketsuru 12 year old is milder, with fresh almond and lots of green pear ($69), while the Taketsuru 17 year old goes deeper with dried green pear, dried apple, and toasted almond ($149).
canadian: If we’re truly going to honor Don, mimic his Canadian whisky but with Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve is more interesting with its light orange and almond ($70).
bourbon: You can drink it straight (I like Baker’s and Basil Hayden’s, and soon many others), or put it in Don’s cocktail of choice, an Old Fashioned.

whiskey tasting set

whiskey tasting kitAlthough you’re completely up on your whiskey knowledge because of grapefriend’s awesome breakdown, some of your guests won’t be. This tasting set drops some knowledge of the whiskey kind, as well as teaches you what to look for as you’re tasting (floral, cereal, nutty, peaty). ($30 here)

mod tumblers

whiskey tumblers mad menI don’t know why Olivia Pope’s wine glass has sold out everywhere but Don’s silver-rimmed tumblers haven’t. So mod and chic! ($24 for two here)

big ice cube maker

One big cube is the only way to go. It keeps your drink cold and doesn’t melt/dilute your drink as quickly. And this ice cube maker lets you freeze big round ones in your own freezer. ($19.95 for two here)

cooling glasses

IMG_0432Once the last episode starts, though, you won’t want to even be bothered with ice refills. That’s where these crazy handy Metrokane glasses come in. You put them in the freezer beforehand and an inner layer freezes inside the glass, keeping your whiskey cold for a while. If you’re someone who likes their whiskey neat, this also won’t dilute your drink with melting ice cubes. Last, they look super cool all frosty. ($19.95 for two here)

whiskey stones

whiskey stonesAnother choice for those who don’t want to dilute their drink, but want to keep their whiskey cold. ($22 for two big ones here)

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