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housewives: unfiltered, but not their wine

brandi glanville unfiltered blondeThe world has seen their share of wine by the Real Housewives. Most of them are affordably priced and not amazing but some are decently drinkable for the value. Brandi Glanville is the latest to enter the grape scene, but the offering doesn’t get grapefriend’s approval. Not that I’ve even had yet (it’s out next month) but here’s why.

It’s called Unfiltered Blonde. Good name in terms of reflecting who she is – a straight-talking, foul-word using cast member who can always be counted on for starting drama – and her Unfiltered podcast. But in the world of wine, unfiltered means something specific and her wine is 100% filtered.

People filter wine for a few reasons. Filtration takes out any yeast, bacteria, or grape debris from the wine. This clarifies and clears the wine – without filtering, wine can be cloudy and hazy. This isn’t a flaw, but when people don’t know why it’s cloudy they think it’s bad, so most big wineries filter it to avoid people (wrongly) thinking it’s bad. Filtering stabilizes the wine, since yeast and bacteria can mix with any leftover sugar and cause post-bottling fermentation.

Some argue that filtering strips out the real flavor of wine, it’s soul and spirit, since it also takes out compounds that give subtle flavors to the wine. You could similarly say that about filtering your speech – if Brandi always took the polite, roundabout way of telling someone what she really thought, episodes would definitely be less interesting, though might get more social acceptance (as well as lower-rated episodes).

A lot of winemakers are making unfiltered wine now – cloudy yes, but arguably more interesting. Brandi’s wine, however, is 100% filtered. Don’t get it twisted, as Brandi herself would say.


4 thoughts on “housewives: unfiltered, but not their wine

  1. Despite my fascination with wine and moderately attractive people, I cannot – will not – watch anything ‘real’. It just isn’t……real. I thought maybe a look at the grog on Game of Thrones might be interesting. “The clay goblet had a red wine shape. Margaux?”

  2. Is it to be thrown or consumed? Does it come with shatterproof glasses? For a while I applauded her candor while I cringed, but it does seem to have gone too far in many ways. Her responses are too often reminiscent of a petulant child (I know you are but what am I?) than a person comfortable with herself.

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