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scandal wine recap: whisky outweighs the wine, eek

It’s My Big Gay Republican Wedding, Scandal-style! That translates to war rooms, evil (and let’s not forget, CRAZY) gay-bashing ex-VPs, and a sneak peek at Mellie the politician just to name a few key parts of this week’s shenanigans.

The wedding itself is all a ruse to protect Cy’s reputation but it ends up with some actual emotional weight when Mr. Bean refuses to throw Michael under the bus and tells him that he is indeed not alone in this world.

Speaking of rings, we learn the story behind the one (“Sweet Baby”) Fitz gave Liv and they played the beautiful Liv/Fitz music (aka The Album Leaf’s “The Light”) and it was sweet and made me want them to be together a little bit again.

By the end of the episode, Liv’s wearing said ring again (while we hear Stevie Wonder sing “All In Love Is Fair” and I’m guessing that means we’re due for some Sweeps-time loving between these two crazy kids once again.

Sadly there is only one true wine moment on the show. What – no toast for the grooms, Shonda?

wine (and whisky) moment #1

IMG_3912Is this perhaps the most diverse table of drinks we’ve ever seen on this show? We’ve got beer and white wine for Michael’s not-so-into-other-kinds-of-diversity parents, red wine for Cyrus, and whiskey for Michael.

grapefriend wine recommendations: I like all of these character choices. Jerky parents shouldn’t be allowed to drink wine, so I’m glad the father was drinking beer and I hope the mother was drinking some really gross Pinot Grigio. Michael, being beaten down by his parents, went for the strong stuff – would suggest a really heavy peaty scotch, like Talisker. And our grapefriendy Cyrus stayed true to his red wine loving roots. We know he likes Bordeaux, which is actually a good choice for this dinner. Bordeaux is made up of five main grapes: Cab, Merlot, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. Each contributes something to the blend, rounding out each other’s flaws to make something excellent as one wine. Perhaps Michael’s parents could learn a lesson from this awesome wine combo. 

whisky moment #2

IMG_3911Also, I should note that we did see another female character drink some whiskey this week, Grapefriend! Cheers to you, Janet, Cy’s first wife.

grapefriend whisky recommendation: Yes, loved it! Unlike Michael, who needed something that would get some more hair on his chest, I’d recommend a Japanese whisky (no “y” in the Japanese spelling) which is often much more delicate than other whiskies. Try the sandalwood and floral Hibiki 12 year.

Til next week, follow us on Twitter @grapefriend and @abbygardner where I’ll be drinking pretty much any kind of whiskey to get me through these last damn days of winter.



3 thoughts on “scandal wine recap: whisky outweighs the wine, eek

  1. Never have time to watch Scandal when the new episodes appear, so I’m waiting until whole season will be available – but I love following it through your recaps 🙂
    Hibiki is wonderful, and there are many other excellent Japanese Whisky overall. My only gripe is a price, which keeps going up…

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