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gaga for malbec

I don’t know what you did last night, but Lady Gaga popped this bottle of Malbec for her fiancé:

alamos malbec lady gaga

Being Lady Gaga, she could afford to open almost any bottle int he world. But she chose this $18.99 bottle of Alamos Malbec, the most affordable entry from the Catena family in Mendoza, Argentina. This Malbec is definitely good and drinkable, and I have fond memories of sharing a bottle of this at lunch with Elena Catena in Buenos Aires. The family also makes way higher-end stuff, some of which is mind-blowing like the White STones and White Bones Chardonnays and their Catena Zapata Malbecs which are well over $100. But I like how Gaga is down with the people with her under-$20 wine choice. You can go gaga for it too – buy it here.


2 thoughts on “gaga for malbec

  1. Definitely a very interesting choice for someone who can afford any wine in the world. The Catena folks should be all over this endorsement!

  2. I have been picking up this Malbec more and more recently. We grabbed a bottle with dinner out one night and the mark up was ridiculous! I need to start pre-gaming prior to dinner out!

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