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grapefriend’s 8 steps to blizzard preparedness

10922667_594430327356270_3267299952650301577_nJuno is coming! Every year we get at least one apocalyptic snowmageddon, and to further freak people out they’re calling it potentially “historic.” Grapefriends don’t sweat it – it just means allowance to stay in a drink wine! I’ve shown you how we prep, for hurricanes, and blizzards are pretty much the same:

1) Flashlight and extra batteries: you need to be able to see your wine labels

2) Blankets: snuggling up on the couch, by the fire or in front of your digital log

3) First iad supplies: you can cut yourself on wine bottle foils – so sharp.

4) Portable radio: set the mood with some smooth jazz

5) Candles: More romantic mood-setting! Also will help the lighting when you’re posting your wine to Instagram.

6) Food: to pair with your wine. You’re probably going with some bold reds, so I’d suggest a lovely charcuterie spread.

7) Generator – you need to keep your wine fridges up and running

8) Bottled water: gotta avoid those hangovers

Stay safe, and drink well!



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