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playoff bets get beery

I love the playoff bets that happen every year! It’s usually the mayors of the cities who are in the games, although this year the governors of Indiana and Massachusetts got in on it for the AFC. Here are my predictions of who should win the conference titles, based on their bets. If there’s a more scientific predictor of these games, I don’t know it!!!

NFC: Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks

beerpint11If the Seahawks win, Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt will send Seattle some local beer and sausage from Titletown Brewing, as well as cheese from BelGioioso Cheese Co.

If the Packers win, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will send Green Bay beer and cheese from Fremont Brewing and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese.

grapefriend winner: Well it’s not wine, but I like the mirror-image style of these mayors with the beer and food pairings. I do think Seattle has a big time fail in missing the opportunity to send some great Walla Walla wine and get it more fans. I gotta go with the Packers for their unique take on pairing cheese not with wine (which wouldn’t be very good from Wisconsin anyway) but with beer. Also, the brewery is called “Title”town so they should keep their beer to celebrate their win.

AFC: Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots

koffee-300x224If the Colts win, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has to send a Super Bowl-themed cake from Montilio’s Baking Company in Brockton and a baker’s dozen of Boston cream pie cupcakes from the Koffee Kup Bakery in Springfield.

If the Pats win, Indiana Governor Mike Pence will send Baker shredded pork from Shoup’s Country Foods in Frankfort.

Also, the losing team’s governor will have to donate to a local food pantry in the winning team’s state (nice).

grapefriend winner: Neither of these contain wine or even alcohol, so I have to resort to other things. Namely, Abby’s dad (Abby being our Scandal plot recap writer) owned a baking supply distribution company in Indiana, and since she’s the person who got me into football I have to say it’s a pretty appropriate gift that Indy would be getting. So clearly this is a good sign for the Colts.

Good luck, players!


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