drink me

drink me: ottella “le creete”

ottella creete trebbiano luganagrape: Trebbiano di Lugana. Trebbiano is one of the most widely planted grapes in the world because it’s used for cognac, but there are lots of subtypes and a crazy amount of confusing information about all their genetics. Anyway, the Lugana type is from that region in Italy.

producer: Ottella

country: Italy

region: Lugana, in the Veneto region. A small area but awesome. I’m newly obsessed.

year: 2013

yum factor: Beauuuutiful nose of lemon and white flowers, like a super high end air freshener you’d buy at Barney’s for a crazy high price. A great light and cleansing flavor, but a medium body with some fleshy yellow apple

price: $18, although I could only find it in the low $20’s online. Still, great price for this wine.

buy it: here

eat it with: We had a creamy pea risotto and the wine’s fleshy fruits matched it well, but you could also have had it with a rich white fish as they do in the Lugana region.


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