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mo’ wine, less stache

Another Movember came to an end yesterday. As men across the land shaved off their staches, Franciscan wine was there to applaud them with wine. So of course I was, too.


Guys filed into Spiff, grabbed a glass, and waited for their time in the chair. Surprisingly, a few of them said they grew attached to their moustache (which was, for the most part, accompanied by a beard situation) and weren’t going to shave it off. One guy there had his since last Movember! Whether or not they were participating in the shave part of the night, they all grabbed a glass of wine. I had the Magnificat, a Bordeaux blend that was pretty delicious with the charcuterie, but there was a wine for every type of moustache you rocked.

FullSizeRender(1)I grabbed my glass and fully supported the shaving. More importantly, I supported the wine drinking. But I do that every day.







Cheers to Team Magnifcat and all the guys who raised money for prostate cancer last month.


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