pop grape

pippa is totally trying to be a grapefriend

pippa-middleton-wineFirst, she said in her book that she likes wine and drinks it as part of a healthy diet. Holla.

Now it’s been reported that she’s taking her grape love to the next level, taking and passing an advanced wine course. She took it via Grape Experience, which is a WSET approved class provider. This organization administers the tough diploma program for sommeliers, as seen in the doc Somm. No details on what level Pippa passed, but I took a version of the Intermediate level at American Sommelier Association and it’s no joke. You need to know about the grapes, soil, and climate of every major wine region in the world, winemaking processes, winemaking history, and also be able to identify the basic characteristics of the wines.

I’d like to go palate to palate with Pippa and see who’d emerge as the more knowledgeable grapefriend! No matter what the outcome, I bet it would be fun.

I also love how the Daily Mail said she did it to “celebrate new royal baby in style.” Because you wouldn’t be able to celebrate without passing the test? Daily Mail never ceases to amaze. I suppose they’ll celebrate with Champagne – these six are the ones with a Royal Warrant. If not, they can always call up Berry Bros. & Rudd, which is the only wine merchant with a Royal Warrant, granted in 1903, unless Kate gives birth in the Lindo Wing again – a hospital which has its own wine list! Pippa will be so proud…


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