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scandal wine recap: don’t go changing – your drink

First, let me just say that was a blockbuster of an episode. Wow. So many major monologues, so many feels. Also, I learned what Eiffel Towering is. Yes, I had to Google it. Does that make me an old? A prude? Both? I don’t know. I am, however, fairly certain that Karen Grant was not sipping wine during that fateful party. But hopefully when she turns 21, Olivia will be around to teach her about good vintages and responsible drinking. Until then, let’s talk grownup grape times.

wine moment #1


Oh Liv, it’s so sweet when you try to be normal—whether it’s imagining a rustic life with Fitz in Vermont or grabbing some Gettysburger takeout after work so you can sit, drink wine, and talk about the day with your (maybe) boyfriend, Jake. She was even thoughtful enough to grab beer for him! Also, did I spy tater tots on that table? I love tater tots. I wonder what wine she paired with that surely delicious burger and potato-filled meal? Thoughts, Grapefriend? Sadly, she doesn’t have time to eat or drink a thing because she has to rescue the President’s daughter from a party. When I had to escape parties in high school, I ran through suburban lawns. It would have been way easier with the helicopter OPA secures.

grapefriend wine recommendation: Mmmmmm tater tots. Rocking the high-low as Olivia Pope dines on fast food, Champagne all the way.  

interlude: Wait, Olivia Is Drinking and It’s NOT Wine Moment


That’s right, Liv is back in the Oval where the sexual tension is palpable and the scotch has been poured. Do you think Fitz is serving his beloved the “second best scotch in the world” or did he upgrade after his dressing down from Abby last week? Is she changing herself yet again for this man? Because that’s lame. You’re better than that, Liv. But if you just enjoy a good glass of scotch now and again, drink up! I know that Grapefriend is known to sip on some, especially once it gets chilly outside. But that’s because SHE wants to drink it, not because she’s trying to impress some dude. Just saying.

grapefriend wine recommendation: I do love my scotch. Partial to Oban, with one or two small ice cubes.  

wine moment #2

olivia pope drinking wine

In a callback to the seemingly lighthearted opening scene, we see Liv once again sitting at her table, wine and beer at the ready, looking forlorn. But Jake’s not coming this time. He got held up at work. And by held up, I mean framed by her father for murdering the president’s son and taken into custory. So you know, you might need to stock up on some extra cases of vino for the weeks again, Liv. It’s gonna get rough.

grapefriend wine recommendation: With those Gettysburgers, grab a Cotes du Rhone. A dependable, affordable red that you can even drink relatively young. Liv will have to wait no more.   

See you next week!


5 thoughts on “scandal wine recap: don’t go changing – your drink

  1. Just saying…this has nothing to do with wine…but Fitz trusting Rowan enough to bring him in and interrogate someone is a plot point beyond me. Ranting aside, this was a wine-lite episode, which is always a shame!

  2. Also, I don’t think you’ve brought this up before…don’t you love the wine glasses she uses? I googled them-They are from Crate and Barrel. If I hadn’t recently invested in Riedel, I would so buy these.

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