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bubbly boobs

Kate Moss recently collaborated with a British sculptor to create a Champagne glass modeled after her left breast.

kate moss champagne coupe

This is nothing new. The original “coupe” was said to be modeled after Marie Antoinette’s left breast (although some think it was after Madame Pompadour’s). 34 restaurant in London, where Kate had her 40th birthday lunch in January, commissioned Lucien Freud’s daughter to craft the glass mold. They describe the coupe as an “intricate abstract design reminiscent of Art Deco symmetry which,when held at an angle, shows a beautiful curvy shape.”

kate moss coupe 34

Kate, whose signature is on the base of the glass, also made a grapefriendy statement: “Champagne is always associated with celebration and happy occasions and I had fun creating this beautiful coupe.” The glasses aren’t available to buy; you’ll only be able to drink from them at the London restaurants The Ivy, Daphne’s, Scott’s and The Club at The Ivy starting in October.

Despite the coupe’s sexy lineage and how pretty it is, Champagne houses actually don’t recommend drinking Champagne from them. The large surface area can make the bubbles dissipate faster, and of course if you’re getting tipsy there’s just a lot more chance you’re gonna spill.

So, we’re all supposed to drink out of a flute, right? Wrong. The winemakers and Champagne reps I’ve spoken to say to just drink out of a white wine glass. Champagne is wine after all, it just keeps the carbonated bubbles that occur during fermentation in the wine bottle rather than letting them release into the air. A regular wine glass also provides the best way to get a full sniff of the aromas.

That said, flutes and coupes are just so pretty and what people usually serve Champs in. And Kate’s coupe looks like it’ll actually give you a perfect serving of Dom. If it was modeled after Kate Upton’s, you’d be wasted.


9 thoughts on “bubbly boobs

  1. I have never been an admirer of Kate Moss’ breasts, neither the left nor right one. But this coupe does look beautiful. If it were ever to go on sale to the general public, I would not mind in the least being presented with one or two on my birthday or anniversary.

  2. “If it was modeled after Kate Upton’s, you’d be wasted” That line really made me laugh! I like drinking white wine and if I’m in my house drinking it I don’t really care what kind of glass I’m using. But for parties, I stick to something elegant like the flutes I inherited from my great-grandmother 🙂

    This i my first tie on your blog and I really like your wine + pop culture niche. Very interesting. Keep it up!


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