throwback thursday

throwback thursday: charlie’s angels sabrina swillin’

Killer 70s find!


What do you think Sabrina was drinking – a little Whispering Angel, perhaps? Actually, I’m pretty sure Whispering Angel wasn’t around in the 70s nor is she drinking rosé so that’s really just a lame Angel joke. More likely it was Chablis or Blue Nun, which were popular whites back then.

Despite Sabrina’s grapefriend status, I was never that into her back in the day. Jill was totally my favorite – who was yours?


2 thoughts on “throwback thursday: charlie’s angels sabrina swillin’

  1. I must say it would have to be Jaclyn Smith. A little of both of the other two angels. I lived for that show…showing my age!! I vote Kate Jackson totally drinking Blue Nun :))

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